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Contact us for solar panels, inverters and batteries in the Johannesburg area. Solar Panels Johannesburg

We have independent solar installers who do solar system installations in Johannesburg.

We have supplied solar solutions to many satisfied customers in Johannesburg.

Let us quote you on a custom solar solution.

For installers, architects, developers and solar resellers in Johannesburg register on our site for dealer prices and promotional offers.

Deliveries to Johannesburg on solar panels, inverters and batteries are free in Johannesburg with all orders over R 5000.00 Promotions or special offers may have a small delivery fee to Johannesburg.

Quotes for solar systems (online and onsite)

  • Online - We will provide a free provisional online quote for your solar installation.
  • Onsite - We will pass your details on to an installer in Johannesburg for an onsite quote if we don’t have an independent installer in Johannesburg available we will try to get you a free quote from an installer in your surrounding area or send an in-house representative to do a site assessment and quote.

Check out our solar products online – Solar Panels – Inverters – Charge Controllers - Batteries

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